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BEEf Cuts

A cow is broken down into what are called primal cuts, the main areas of the animal which include the loin, rib, round, flank, chuck, sirloin, brisket and more.

These primal cuts are then broken down into sub-primal cuts, including specific steaks and chops: flank steak, flat iron steak, filet mignon, rib eye.

As you'll see below, there are many different cuts of beef to learn.
Our animals are processed at Lawrences Meats in Dawson Creek. They are a provincially inspected facility. We offer the following three categories of beef:

1. Grass fed and finished
strictly off pasture in the fall, likely 24 to 28 months old.

2. Grass and forage fed and finished
not quite ready off pasture in the fall, fed silage and highquality hay for a few months.

3. Grass and forage fed with light grain finish

3 to 4 pounds of barley a day, no more than 10% of their total diet; a bit better marbling.


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45 - 50 packages ground beef (1.5 lbs per pkg)    
12 - 16 packages stew
(1.5 lbs per pkg)                  

6 - 8 roasts
(4 lbs each, more or less)                  

3 - 4 steaks
• steaks are cut 1.25" thick
• packaged 1-2 steaks per pkg, weighing 1-2 lbs per pkg
• Includes:  NY strip, Prime rib, Cross-rib, Tenderloin, Round, Sirloin, etc.                  

6 - 8 packages short ribs
( approx. 1-1.5 lbs per pkg)

Brown paper wrapped and quick frozen.
Side of Ravenwood Farm beef – 200 lbs
Price per pound $ 9.98
20 - 24 packages ground beef (1.5 lbs per pkg)                  

6 - 8 packages stew
(1.5 lbs per pkg)                

3 - 4 roasts
(4 lbs each, more or less)                

20 - 25 packages steaks
• steaks are cut 1.25" thick
• packaged 1-2 steaks per pkg, weighing 1-2 lbs per pkg
• Includes:  NY strip, Prime rib, Cross-rib, Tenderloin, Round, Sirloin, Chuck, etc.                  

3 - 4 packages short ribs
( approx. 1-1.5 lbs per pkg)

Brown paper wrapped and quick frozen.
Mixed quarter – 100 lbs
Price per pound $ 10.50
Contains at least 10 lbs of beef bones

Brown paper wrapped and quick frozen.
beef bones – 10 lbs
Price per pound $ 2.00

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We will reserve your order when we receive your $200 deposit. Deposits can be mailed or e-transferred. If for any reason we are unable to fill your order, your deposit will be returned. Please do not hesitate to write if you have questions. If you are interested in taking the organs like the tongue, heart, ox tail and liver, please let us know when you submit your cut instructions via our on line form. Your selection of organ meat is not guaranteed unless you are ordering a whole animal.
As you already discovered, there a several options of cutting available. This can be the most confusing part of the process, especially for people ordering for the first time. No stress, we will provide all the information you need and help you to find the right cuts. As a starter, Lawrence Meat Packing in Dawson Creek is our preferred butcher for processing. We are providing a pdf of their order form which includes a helpful diagram of the suggested cuts from various parts of the animal. It can be printed, scanned and emailed either to us or tot he butcher directly. Even easier, there is also an on-line cut instruction form which gives you the options for various parts of the carcass as well as a helpful graphic.We will let you the date your animals will go to the abattoir. Your cut and wrap instructions must be given to us or the butcher, either directly or through us, before the slaughter date.  We encourage customers to talk with the butcher about cutting preferences as they can be very helpful. Otherwise we are happy to assist and will deliver your instructions to the butcher.It is important to give some thought to the size of roasts, number of steaks per package, pounds of hamburger per package, and any special processing such as sausage or jerky. The following research conducted may be helpful to show what customers can expect from a ‘standard’ cut from a ½ beef with a HHW of 300 pounds.
Pricing is based on what’s known as the Hot Hanging Weight (HHW) which is the weight of the carcass after the head, insides, hide, and feet have been removed. Our price per pound is based on the HHW.In addition to the price based on the carcass weight (what we receive) there is also the Inspection, Slaughter and Cut and Wrap fees which are approximately $1.25 per pound based on the HHW. We are being charged a little extra to split a side. Specialty processing such as sausages and jerky is extra.Because your price is based on the carcass weight of the animal, we will not be able give you an exact total price until the animals are harvested. Generally our sides weigh between 290 and 350 lbs hanging, average about 325 lbs.The most frequently asked question we receive is: How much packaged beef can we expect? Sixty to 65% of the HHW goes into your freezer as packaged meat. The rest is bone and trim that is removed in processing. We use 62% of the HHW to calculate the packaged price per pound and to estimate how much beef you are putting in your freezer.

For 2022, our selling price is $4.55/lb hot hanging weight (HHW) for a half or split half and the slaughter/cut and wrap fee is $1.25/lb of HHW for a side and $1.35 for a split-side. These prices assumes the customer is picking up their beef from our butcher. The following guidelines are based on a 1150 lb live animal. The actual price will vary depending on the size of the animal at the time of slaughter.
We will email an invoice, less your deposit, once we know the Hanging Weight of your animal. It will include our fee as well as the inspection and slaughter fee. We would appreciate payment within 14 days, about the time your meet will hang before cutting and wrapping. If you are local the cut and wrap fee is paid directly to the butcher when your meat is picked up. If we are delivering, we will include the cut and wrap fees and delivery charges on our invoice. We accept payment by e-transfer or cheque.
Typically, local orders are picked up from the butcher and the cut and wrap fee (.89 cents/lb plus tax) is paid directly to them by you. If it is impossible for you to pick up your order, we will assist in making alternate arrangements.We do make a late fall run to the lower mainland and to Kitimat, Terrace and Rupert with multiple orders.  If you are not in the neighbourhood, please contact us to discuss delivery options.We sell beef primarily by the side catering to families who want to guarantee themselves a year round supply of freezer beef. We also sell by the quarter if there are two friends or family members want to “split” the side. Our butcher accepts one set of cutting instruction per side, so if a side is being split the partners must agree of the instructions.

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