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When is your beef available?

We have animals maturing from August to December and have abattoir and processing date pre-booked. We will find a time that works for both of us.

Can I pay by credit card?
We can accept only cheques or e-Transfers.

Do you deliver and is there a fee?
Since we have family in the south Okanagan, we will be making one, possibly two, trips south in the fall. Exact dates will depend on orders and the processing schedule available to us at Lawrence's Meats in Dawson Creek. Most likely mid November to early December.Our trip south is along Highway 97, so drop off is possible anywhere along the highway between Dawson Creek and Penticton.Local South Peace orders can be delivered by arrangement.

Will our meat be delivered frozen?
Your meat arrives frozen, packaged, and labelled. A half beef will typically require 8-10 cubic feet of freezer space, and a split side 4-5 cubic feet.

How long does Black Currant Jam / Concentrate last?
Once open, store in fridge and enjoy our black currant jam within 4 months and the concentrate within 4 weeks. Of course, some people report open concentrate keeping well for more than a year in the fridge. 

How do you use Black Currant Jam / Concentrate?
We enjoy Black currant jam / concentrate served on bread. Or try added to bubbly water, in cocktails, smoothies, mixed in salad dressings, in herbal tea, with juice or kombucha, on ice cream, as a marinade, with oatmeal, homemade gummies and yes... pancakes too. 

What's the difference between the jam and the concentrate?
Our jam and concentrate are both made with our farm grownfresh squeezed pure black currant berries. The jam is blended with more sugar / honey. While the concentrate has half as much sugar / honey as the jam. Jam is our local favourite and even folks who have had discouraging experiences with tart berries in the past are quick to agree this stuff is the best! 

What's Black Currant good for?
Consuming currants may provide certain health benefits. The fruit has been used in traditional medicine to treat conditions including Alzheimer's disease, the common cold, and the flu, but there is limited scientific evidence to support these uses. However, some evidence shows that black currants provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial benefits that may help manage certain illnesses. Currants are a carbohydrate rich-fruit filled with nutrients including vitamin C, iron, and calcium. They are naturally fat-free and low in sodium.

Key facts of Black Currant berries:
- Excellent Source of Vitamine C
- Cholersterol Free
- Low Sodium
- Low Fat

Read about the health benefits here:
5 Benefits of BlackCurrants (and Full Nutrition Facts)
Nutrition Advance CurrantNutrition Facts and Health Benefits

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