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Our Horses
Currently 3 Quarter Horses and our newby Quarter Horse / Suffolk Cross are calling Ravenwood their home. We are using those horses for cattle handling by practicing horsemanship techniques. Since they are quite still young, we are constantly in training and developing their skill set. Never ending story…
Our Belgian drafthorses having a great time. The oldest Belgian stallion on the farm is 16 years old and ready to rock. The gelding team is helping us with the daily farm work and enjoying being part of the work force. Since we are breeding Belgians, there are always new members on the farm.
Our Suffolk mares are about to foal and we are expecting a growth of the team pretty soon. We are breeding 100% pure Suffolks drafthorses. Check out our stallion Jimmy.
We raise horses as part of our diversified farm – quarter horses, Belgian and Suffolk draft horses and draft crosses. Email us for more information and availability. Also, see our facebook / Instagram page for updates.
Our Cattle
Raising and selling cattle is our core business. We are breeding red poll crosses on our pasture around the farm. Currently we are counting 200 heads including heifers and bulls. Our cattle are fed grass / hay throughout their entire lifespan on the farm. Our cows are eating a natural diet and are grazing on open pastures. They are living the majority of their lives out of doors. To us, this is the most humane approach to raising cattle for food.

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Our Bees
We also keep bees for honey and pollination of our crops. Our honey is unpasteurized and produced by bees from nectar out of wild flowers around the farm. Wildflower honey is a taste which reflects a specific part of the area during the summer time. An edible tribute to the small section of the planet that the wildflower honey comes from! It is a flavourfull representation of our farm in time and space. Do you want to taste the South Peace River?

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